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Cavoodles and pet insurance

Just like when you buy a house and there is mortgage, the interested party requires a certificate of currency before your loan settles. 

We here at Cavoodle Love believe that these little living teddy bears will steal your heart and the last thing we want to hear is that your dog had an accident and you can't afford to pay for them. 

So we are 100% behind insuring your Cavoodle!! A client of ours from Adelaide purchased Harry her little bundle of joy. In the first month the cat scratched the eye giving a nice cut requiring stitches, then two weeks later a spider bit him and he required a drip for a couple of nights. Woolworths were the pet insurer of choice and paid her straight away for the stitches, blood works, and in hospital stay. We are happy to say Harry is well and now respects the cat and doesn't try to eat spiders. 

Other people pay their vet each month half the monthly vet insurance amount and ensure there is money put away for future events. 

Vet care in the 21st century is 1st class and most things can be operated on and managed. So research your insurer, research your breeder and make sure there is a health warranty and that they have been running long enough to have had issues that the public can report on. 

You pay for what you get and this is the same for pet insurance and your quality bred puppy. 

So get your Cavoodle insured!! In life things happen and its best to have your beloved pet covered. 

Kerrin and Rachel