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Why you need to be discerning where you buy

The best part of our job is handing over that little fluffy bundle of joy! To see children and adults alike smile and cry when receiving their puppy. 

Hybrid / designer crossbreeds will be healthier than their purebred parents. The term "hybrid vigor" (also called "Heterosis") is a real phenomenon that occurs in every animal and plant when the first pairing occurs. 

Most of us would have heard of the old mutt rescued from a pound that outlasted every expensive pure breed known in the neighbourhood. Well its true. 

So its important that your breeder tests all pure breeds, and Cavoodles they are breeding from, to ensure that they own enough dogs to never cross related lines. This is why pure breeds can have issues because they may be mated with an uncle or related line. 


Health Issues that King Charles Cavaliers can experience:

1. Hip Dysplasia: This is where the head of the femur doesn't fits improperly into the hip joint socket. The following factors that influence this: nutrition, environment, hips of their parents.

2. Luxating Patella: this is a kneecap that slips. It can be seen in many breeds as a defect, however commonly occurs when your pup jumps from a lounge, falls or is dropped from a height, jarring the knee. Sometimes jumping off a ute or out of the car can cause this. Surgery is the treatment and dogs can live well with this defect. (insurance for your pet is recommended)

3. Ear Infections: they can be prone to ear infections because of their hanging ears with long hair. So keep the ears clean and dry. 

4. Keratoconjunctiviitis: this is dry eye and you may need to treat with a human eye drop, leaving them dry can lead to blindness. We use _________

5. Episodic Falling Syndrome: this starts normally before 5 months of age and it shows up as an attack of epilepsy. It is the inability of the dogs muscles to relax. It could last for hours. Good to ensure the DNA of parents has been checked. 

6. Syringomyelia: This is a malformed skull affecting the brain and spine of the cavalier and causes pain and paralysis. This presents around 6 months - 4years. 

7. Mitral Valve Disease: Cavaliers can be prone to heart problems and it starts as a heart murmur. The blood flow can flow back into the chamber and cause the heart to fill up and grow larger. This can cause heart failure. So important you buy from a breeder who health checks the whole body, heart murmurs checked twice. 

The Cavalier can live 12-15 years if it is healthy, weight controlled and vet advice followed. 

The Poodle: Can live to 15 years however take a look at the lists of diseases...

PRA, Cataracts, Eye Problems, Otitis Externa, Cushings Disease, Cancer, Hypothyroidism, Dental Disease, Pancreatitis, Epilepsy, Heart Disease, Hip Dysplasia, Legg-Cavle-Perthes Disease, tracheal collapse, undescended tseticles, von willbebrand disease, luxating patella. 

I won't explain all of those however I hope I am engraining into you why a Cavoodle (hybrid vigor) with DNA clear parentage can be healthier than a pure breed. 

So where you buy from is so important. You must be given a warranty, a company and business who pride themselves in healthy puppies and parents is so important. 

Don't buy from a pet shop where there is no face of the breeder. Buy direct from the organise farm, DNA tested and health warranty. 

Here at Cavoodle Love we fly our puppies world wide and have a very affluent, discerning cliental who like to know what they are getting. 

Buyer be ware is the message here.... Savings a $1000 dollars or $2000 dollars to buy from a new breeder who lets you pat and cuddle your puppy at 5 weeks before they have been vaccinated for Parvo and Corona virus is irresponsible and so risky..... You may save money, but your dog may not make it either. 

Eg: a lady called me and asked "How much" I advised her, she said "I'd rather save the $1000 dollars" I said "of course, its your choice and budget" A week later she messaged me to say "I should have bought from you, as I know your dogs are insured and guaranteed from parasites and worms" It turns out her puppy was picked up and that night raced to the SASH clinic which was a preventable issue and it cost her $3300. She expressed how wise we were with our years of experience to provide insurance, because things really do happen.

Over and Out 

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