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Designer cross breeds like the Cavoodle are bred from a King Charles Cavalier and Poodle, this is called a first-generation or F1. Then there is the F1b which is a first-generation puppy bred back to the cavalier or the poodle.

Hybrid Vigor is alive and well!! The Cavoodle will be as healthy as its parents and their parents before them. This is why DNA testing is important and necessary as an ethical responsible breeder.

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Insure for the worst and plan for the best! We have all heard it and how many times do we decide not to insure our loved ones. Which brings our latest blog topic to

Should we insure our Cavoodles? ell yes!! 100% yes, we have a purchase contract guaranteeing the DNA of our puppies, we test both parents, not just one and have one clear parent. 

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Everyone asks, what dog should I choose that are calm with kids, which breed are best with children.

Well, I believe the Cavoodle is the best dog breed for 2020 with children and families and adults. Their size and hypoallergenic fur makes them the asthmatics best friend, the allergy sufferers friend and the smaller home or apartments friend. 

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We are donating a Cavoodle to a deserving Police Officer

Mum and I have been sitting in our motel room discussing the Covid situation and a little human experiment I have been performing for the past 6 months.

Each morning I visit my local café and order a small latte for myself and a large latte for my husband and I always buy a medium latte for the next person to walk into the café. The rules are; I remain anonymous and the barista says “Your coffee has been paid for by an anonymous customer, they wish to pay it forward to you”

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Well in 5 hours we (being my mum Kerrin and myself Rachel) are driving to the border to hand over our beautiful puppies to excited families in the bubble. I have a feeling border police may be involved in carrying puppies over the border.

I can see the news headline for Channel 7 "Cavoodle Puppies at the border are allowed to cross into South Australia, just not the humans."Who would have thought this would ever happen in Australia

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