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Family-raised Cavoodle Puppies for Sale in Australia

Family Owned

Family Owned

We are a Mother and Daughter team from the Adelaide Hills.
Raised with love

Raised with love

Not a big business - All our puppies are bred with care, and raised with love.
5 Star Vet Approved

5 Star Vet Approved

Vet audited with 5 stars as ‘No improvements necessary’.

Accredited Breeder

Accredited Breeder

We're committed to a strict code of ethics, health, and owner suitability.

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About Us

Cavoodle Love is a family business that has been established for nearly two decades, focused solely on producing gorgeous, family-friendly, DNA-healthy Cavoodles that provide many years of Cavoodle Love. 

We have returned to South Australia and will be continuing to supply all of Australia and our valued international clients with Cavooldes. We have a thorough vetting process and re-home our cavoodles for their lifetime. 

We have hundreds of references, including three police sergeants who received a donation puppy during Covid - so you know you can trust us.

These are the puppies from our recent litter

We have just had a new litter of puppies, and they will be available for adoption soon.

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Charity Donations for Puppies

Every year, Cavoodle Love donates a minimum of 5 puppies to people in need.

Everyone has heard of the saying “Everyone’s Best Friend” & “It is better to give than to receive”. At Cavoodle Love we live by this and believe that every home is happier with a Cavoodle. The unconditional love that our Cavoodles provide to the sick, the lonely, the child, the adult and to everyone they meet is why we started Cavoodle Love.


One lovely nature, many lovable faces - Cavoodles come in coats of many colours.
Below is a sampling of the many colours and faces of CavoodleLove puppies.
Do you have a favourite? We love them all.

Cavoodle Reunion and Open Day

We hold a reunion for previous puppies and their families which doubles as a pickup date for new families.
This is our reunion from August 2019.

Raised with love for loving homes

CavoodleLove is a boutique breeder, not a puppy mill. Our first and second-generation puppies are bred with care, and raised with love in the Adelaide Hills SA.

Over the years our reputation has been our best advertisement.

The puppy guide! Cavoodle Love Blog

We regularly share helpful advice and stories about cavoodles and puppies in general

Apply Now

Apply now

Contact us now to apply for a puppy or ask about available puppies. We have limited availability and don't let just anybody adopt our puppies.

Don't get scammed!

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The best way to verify the website is to check the Facebook page to make sure the URL is the same as this website. Click here to check.

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