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What is the best dog breed for children?

These dogs are popular and for a reason, they are laid back, gentle, intelligent, bringing together the cavalier and the poodle.

Of course, Cavoodles are still dogs, so they may kill a chicken or chase your cat, but they will love your family and your couch! They will love TV and all things soft, they love food, travelling in the car and being taken to the cafe for breakfast. 

They are like living teddy bears and have a beautiful nature. 

Kids love Cavoodles because they aren't intimidating, they have a teddy bear appearance and lick and cuddle all day long. 

It is important you purchase from an organic breeder who socialises and loves their adult dogs and cuddles them. The nature and nurture debate is important here. The nurture of the breeding parents is very important, ensuring they feel safe and confident when they have their puppies to nurture and feed their litter. 

Cavoodles have been voted most popular breed in the UK, Qld and many other places. This is because this breed is the best!! They thrive on attention, knit closely into your hearts and family outings and once you are Cavoodled there is no going back. Training and puppy school is important for the owners to learn how to train a dog, Cavoodles are no exception to this rule. Cavoodles get along with cats, bunnies and chicken if you teach them, however, supervision is always necessary. 

We hope your kids love their new Cavoodle from Cavoodle Love

Over and Out Jan 8th 2021