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International demand for our cavoodles

With blood clots being caused by the vaccine Australians are not as keen to get the vaccine, international borders remaining closed for a while yet.

Our work life has changed forever, a lot of clients can work from home 1-3 days per week and only attending their offices once a week and in some cases once a month for a meeting. Most meetings are occurring through zoom, teams or facetime. With international borders not opening anytime, uncertainty with contraindications of our vaccines we believe the demand for puppies will continue to increase.

We have seen the building market go nuts, with 12-18month waitlists before houses can start construction. Second-hand car prices have increased and supplies are slow to get to Australia. We have been contacted by pet shops in Singapore and Hong Kong and refuse to sell to a pet shop. We sell direct to each and every client and facetime calls to view the apartment and point out any hazards is important.

To our valued Hong Kong and Singapore clients we thank you for the amazing care you provide to our puppies. The dedication to puppy preparation, training, food and grooming care. We appreciate your business and the updates that you send us.
We do hope the world will return to how it was in the years to come. We would love to start skiing again.

If you are in Hong Kong and would like to purchase a cavoodle from Cavoodle Love,  please appy via our website