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Pay it Forward – to the Police Force

The results have been fascinating…. I have seen shock, I have seen indifference, I have seen annoyance, I have seen people consider doing the same thing, but just not being able to bring themselves to give away $4.50 or buy someone a free coffee.

Such a small token of a whole $4.50 yet no one in 6 months has been able to do this…… why? If you think about it, I paid for their coffee, all they had to do was pay for their coffee or say “What a great idea, I will also pay it forward and buy the next person a coffee”

After donating many puppies over the years, it’s that time again and this year we are giving to the Police Force.

After watching “The Honest Thief” starring Liam Neeson I have decided to donate a Black and White Cavoodle like the one the FBI officer carries around like a human baby in his work space!

Today we delivered 8 puppies to Cockburn at the NSW SA border bubble and the border police said “we want a cuddle on the way back please” So it got me thinking about the police, a lot of work, night shift, under paid for the stressful jobs they perform.

So today we are giving away a free Cavoodle with the whole puppy pack valued at $8500.00. You could be a psychologist and gain permission to nominate an officer, you could be an officer yourself and nominate a colleague who loves Cavoodles and would benefit from a puppy. You could be a spouse of an office and so on. We will read through these applications and choose one very carefully.


Donation Entry Requirements:

1. Must be nominated by someone else (anyone, spouse or family members)

2. Must currently serve in the police force

3. Be comfortable having their photos put up on our facebook page – even if their name remains off the page.

4. Officers suffering with PTSD will be considered, or any other stress related outcomes from their job.

5. We can also consider the families of the serving police man or woman 


Applications must be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All applications will be confidential and read by Kerrin and Rachel, we will announce our donation by the end of January.

Entries close Australia Day 26th of January.

Hats off the men and women serving our community in the police force we appreciate you.

Cavoodle Love