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First Cavoodle Love Blog for 2021

So the demand for puppies and realestate will continue, farms are being purchased faster than inner city apartments. Everyone is adapting to working from home and everyone wants their Cavoodle YESTERDAY. What a time to buy a Cavoodle though? These dogs are near perfect! They sleep all day if allowed to on the couch, follow your around, jump into the car, have coffee with you and chat to you in their weird way. 

So Cavoodle Love puppies continue to be super gorgeous and cute, with our loyal fans who constantly recommend us.

Our fur parent fan base grows and a picture paints a 1000 words. Well in HK children are approaching other Cavoodle Love families and saying "I love your dog, where did he/she come from?" the answer 'Cavoodle Love" and so our facetiming and video conferencing to young children in Hong Kong continues to grow. 

People everywhere want that perfect apartment or indoor dog that is hypoallergenic, great with kids and active enough to encourage the kids to get outside and walk their dog. 

I spoke to a father today who is developing a 'mindfulness app' and we discussed screen time of our children, gaming and how to get kids outdoors. His plan with his 16 year old is outdoor training, fit body fit mind. The idea of the dog is to distract from the screen and demand here and now attention in their home. He also wants another excuse to get outdoors and walk the dog with his kids. A little family bonding.

So we are grateful for all the wonderful families in HK and Sydney, Australia. A special thank you to our long established South Australian clients and Victorian clients, hang in there the borders will open. 

We were on our way to Adelaide to deliver puppies and SNAP all of a sudden borders closed. So we contacted all the clients and they are now meeting us in the bubble. 

Covid is here, and I think for a while! This time last year we were in France skiing, then we jumped aboard MSC and circled the Mediterranean Sea. The cruise ship behind us was turned around because it left from China and as Covid broke out they dropped everyone home and cleaned the ship. We were worried if we would get home early Feb 2020, now a year later and we have hard border closures. People are still working from home and I think this will continue for a while yet. 

Cavoodles are hard to obtain with so many breeders with 2 year waitlists, and we used to have people paid up a year in advance. These days we don't need to do this, nor do we want to generate extra emails and texts about how the litter is going and if the mother is pregnant. So apply when you are 4 weeks away from a puppy or almost ready, and we may have something. 

We receive so many enquiries a day, we receive questions;

"How much"

"I want to spend $4000"

We either delete these applications or write back saying 'we can't help'

The reason you must apply via our website it to prove you are real, not a robot, pass recaptcha and most importantly take the time to tell us about you and how the puppy will be cared for in your home. We also facetime and would like to see your apartment or yard. 

Toilet Training was featured on Channel 9 this morning. Good old pointers like;

  1. Use a word "toilet or potty" when you let your dog out onto the lawn
  2. let your dog out immediately after eating at least 3 times per day
  3. crate train, get up to let your dog out throughout the night to toilet
  4. don't let your dog run around inside unattended
  5. doggy door is a good idea
  6. give a treat when you praise your dog after toileting in the correct area
  7. use scented puppy pads with an attractant
  8. have a fake grass toileting area in your house

Remember practice makes perfect and the effort you put in will reward your carpet and house for years to come. 

Anyway I am off to sleep for an hour or two before I start my long drive with puppies. 

Over and Out 

Kerrin and Rachel 

Mother and Daughter Cavoodle Bloggers