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Written by Jane-Marie Pfeiffer School Teacher

In June 2016, Toby entered my life and also the life of my 8 year old Ragdoll and 11year old Moodle. Toby was such a calm, placid and relaxed puppy that he gave my older two pets no grief at all. In fact the three of them became the best of friends. Sadly in 2018 Molly the Moodle had to be put to sleep. In the months following her death I saw a dramatic change in Toby. He was grieving his friend. As he had always had another dog with him I decided he needed another companion so I got in touch with Kerrin again.

At the time Kerrin didn’t have a litter however her daughter Rachel did and so 5 months after the passing of Molly, Ruby entered our lives. Toby and Ruby hit it off immediately. There was not one bit of tension between the two of them. Ruby followed Toby everywhere and they are the best of friends. As much as they are inseparable they are still affectionate towards me too. They are the most endearing dogs with the sweetest personalities. I attended a catch up of Cavoodlelove puppies in 2018 and seeing how well 30 plus Cavoodles got along with each other ( and also seeing how well my two got along) my brother also decided to get a Cavoodlelove puppy from Rachel too.

So in 2018 Charlie joined our family. My brother brings Charlie up to visit often and he, my two dogs and now two Ragdolls all get along so well. They really are the most endearing dogs with the best nature.

The fact that my animals (children) get along so well I am excited to be adding one more bundle of joy to my family in January 2021. We can’t wait to have Bentley join us. I know that my other two and the cats will love him dearly. I guess you can say “I’ve been Cavoodled”. They give me so much joy and I love coming home from work each day to their joyous greetings. They are my life and I couldn’t imagine  my life any other way. I love them so much.