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Cavoodles the Perfect Therapy Dog

A health therapist using a cavoodle can be viewed as less threatening. 


The Human and Cavoodle Bond: research shows that dogs can reduce stress (cortisol) and can increase attachment responses and trigger the hormone oxytocin. This hormone increases trust in humans. Cavoodles also connect with their owners when they are touched and loved. 


Benefits of Cavoodles as a Therapy Dog:

1. Builds rapport between professional and the child or adult

2. Help individuals develop social skills

3. Teach empathy and appropriate social skills

4. Social Cues- helps people learn how their behaviour affects others


Benefits of Cavoodles in Schools:

Did you know is 1999 the first canine-assisted therapy program (R.E.A.D) began in UTAH, in 1999 in a library. This was so successful that it was implemented into the school system (Fisher & Cozens, 2014) 

The Delta society was established in 1997 in Australia to foster and enhance the mental and emotional well being resulting from bonding with animals. 

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We have recently sold two therapy cavoodles to WA to work in the Catholic School System to help with reading in young children. What a wonderful gift to the students of that school.

We have also sold a puppy to a mother who is a psychologist and we have donated to the Jospeh Varga Autistic School in NSW 2019. 


We have also sold Cavoodles to war veterans and clients with PTSD. 

There are numerous articles to demonstrate why humans need a dog, or in our opinion a Cavoodle. 

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