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Therapy cavoodles and assistance dogs

she would recommend the stabilising influence of an assistance dog. At first I was hesitant. I had always wanted a dog but as a renter was anxious I wouldn't be allowed to have one. However, my Psychiatrist advised she could write a letter for me that was fairly difficult for body corporate's to refuse. So she did and low and behold it worked! I started talking to some people in my support group and roughly half of them had support dogs, and of them, almost all were cavoodles. I spent some time with my friend's dogs, absolutely fell in love and after some research I decided a cavoodle it would be! 


I reached out to Cavoodle Love and told them everything. I told them that I have mental health issues and need to love and support of a dog. I told them that I live in an apartment so I needed an older dog who was already potty trained and would like to come walking with me. I told them that I needed a dog that would give me endless cuddles and get along with my large and in charge cat. After some back and forth, Kerrin found me the perfect dog, a retired breeding mum called Chezzy, and sent her my way. I've honestly never been happier in my life. 


I renamed Chezzy to Bear because she looked like a teddy bear and gives me endless cuddles. She is the most affectionate creature I have ever come across.  After dealing for years with feelings of not being good enough, feeling worthless and unlovable, suddenly whenever I came home there was someone so excited to see me she couldn't contain herself. Someone who follows me everywhere I go and snuggles up next to me at night. She makes me feel loved and special in ways I never thought I would. 


Bear has caused a significant reduction in my anxiety. I'm finding it easier to stay mindful and present especially when seeing the world through the eyes of a dog while going for a walk. If I need to calm down, we go for a walk or we snuggle up on the couch for a cuddle. Bear has been amazing with my cat, and while they aren't best friends yet (I'm still holding out hope it will happen) they bump into each other in the hallway and sleep next to each other in my bed without fuss. I am now looking at avenues to have Bear certified as a Mind Dog so that she is authorised for public access and can come absolutely everywhere with me. She is an amazingly calming influence and incredibly sweet. 


I would highly recommend Cavoodle Love to anyone looking for an assistance dog. Cavoodles are an amazing breed, but Kerrin and her team especially are a godsend. Kerrin and I exchanged countless emails to find the right dog for me, and it is so wonderful to see how genuinely Kerrin cares about the wellbeing of all of her dog babies. When Bear experienced a slight tummy upset from the stress of moving, Kerrin was on the phone with me and offered me support and practical advice for calming Bear's tummy. Absolutely 11/10 service that I can't praise highly enough. 


Thank you Cavoodle Love! You have genuinely changed my life.