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Cavoodle Fur Parents and Prospective Cavoodle Owners

Number one: The cuddles, the couch laying, the bed sleeping, the car sitting, sitting up for breakfast and travelling in our arms like a human child. To see a real-life example of Cavoodles being carried like a human baby we recommend the new movies "The Honest Thief" where the FBI agent divorces his wife and keeps the Cavoodle to spite his wife and carries it around his office like a baby. Great movie that stars Liam Neeson. 

Number Two: Companionship - for the empty nesters who still want something to love, even if your kids have flown the coop or aren't talking to you, Cavoodles are always there to love you and wag their tail, even if you have had no a crash-hot day at work. 

Number Three: Perfect Therapy animals - Cavoodles (our cavoodles) have been sold to many foundations to help a sick child recover or to aid with hospital anxiety. We have sold dogs to children with autism, donated to children with autism, cancer, hydrocephalus and children with anxiety around reading and much more. (more to come on this chapter)

Number Four: Social interaction- dogs make you go out of the house! Naturally, you feel guilty about not walking your dog, so eventually you will grab the harness or lead and say "walk" and watch you cavoodle run in circles or dance like a ballerina on two feet whilst hopping towards the front door! YES, these little fluff balls run your life, be careful you to will become  ' CAVOODLED '

Number Five: Excellent with children - cavoodles are super intelligent and empathic with children and adults alike. However if you want a dog to sleep on your child's bed, follow them, run around with the ball and be waiting in the car (feet on the window with excitement) as your child runs to the car in pick up line - then this is your dog. The Cavoodle. The are also kind and love kids and adults alike. 

Number Six: Hypoallergenic yes that's right you heard it, 95% are hypoallergenic, sometimes with first cross or first-gen you can, of course, get one pup that mimics the coat of the cavalier so this is not so great! With the f1b's (more poodle) you have more of a poodle coat that isn't as curly, but thick and lush. So all in all these babies are 'purfect' for the asthmatic adult or child, the allergy-prone child or adult. 

So, in summary, the top six reason to own one of Cavoodle Love's Cavoodles 

1. Cuddles

2. Companionship

3. Therapy for humans

4. Social Interaction increases

5. Excellent with children

6. Hypoallergenic