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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you may have a few questions - here are the most common ones:
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a large puppy farm?
No. Firstly we breed only Cavoodles and are 100% dedicated to their wellbeing, environment, comfort, health and vet care. Each of our Cavoodles live in a insulated, temperature controlled house with a front door, large yard, bed, and every morning they receive clean blankets, fresh water, fresh chicken meat (raw) and we use black hawk puppy pellets, we also feed at night before bed. We call it room service. We use a probiotic powder that helps their overall health. Our groomer attends every 4 weeks to ensure the ears, nails, coat are 100% clean and cared for. At this monthly appointment we also worm all of our adult cavoodles.

Pups are wormed more regularly. My children also spend time with the mums and pups when they are old enough. We only breed our girls twice followed by a season off, so they have a good break from motherhood. We are very passionate and love what we do. We also use F10 to disinfect ($100 per litre) our floors, and wash the linen and blankets on a very hot cycle. Of course you can meet the parents and see where your puppy is raised.

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Apply now

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